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22 March 2013 @ 02:42 am
partners in crime
louis tomlinson/zayn malik
pg, 1,135 words
by 1842 (for amongseafarers ♥)
“Zap, Zayn draws me in a flattering and accurate manner,” Louis says into Zayn’s shoulder.

“You’re gonna have to start using that power for the good of humankind if you wanna be a superhero.”Collapse )
12 August 2012 @ 08:11 pm
i can't tell, you're already red
girl!zayn malik/liam payne
nc-17, 4,893 words
by amongseafarers
The complex is quiet and Zayn sighs in relief. Harry, Louis and Niall disappeared an hour before Zayn's shower, yelling something about LaserQuest, unicycles and clowns. Zayn didn't ask then and she sure as hell doesn't want to know now.

Her door clicks shut almost immediately but Zayn can tell that the air in her room has changed; it's become heavier, thicker.Collapse )
touch my neck and i'll touch yours
harry styles/louis tomlinson
nc-17, 4,510 words
by 1842 and amongseafarers
Harry feels the press of Louis’ leg against his side and the flimsy cotton of Louis’ pajamas. “Soft,” he mumbles, curling his hand around Louis’ thigh and using the grip to pull himself closer, nestling his face into the side of Louis’ hip.

'No,' Louis says - his voice is quiet and gentle, but the hand still wound in Harry’s hair tugs him firmly back into place.Collapse )